About - ENAR Foundation

enar foundation for a racism-free europe


The ENAR Foundation is active in fields linked to the fight against racism, xenophobia and related intolerance and discrimination, the advancement of equality and non-discrimination as well as their articulation within the broader Human Rights agenda.

The ENAR Foundation supports projects that aim to challenge and dismantle structural racism and discrimination and promote diversity in Europe; be these projects at the European level of national levels. These projects range from European events to share best practices in relation to employment and access to vital services to achieve concrete outcomes that can improve life for racialised people in Europe. They are implemented by ENAR Secretariat and ENAR member organisations across Europe.

In addition, the Foundation engages with civil society, the media, academia and the business community in order to formulate and apply initiatives that rectify inequalities in access to employment and bridge the gap in leadership roles in order to improve diversity and inclusion standards in Europe. The Foundation offers these links and expertise to promote equality and diversity in employment and access to quality work.

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