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Call for tender: Branding and Website Development Service Provider


ENAR Foundation
Branding and Website Development Service Provider

Established in 2009, ENAR Foundation is Europe’s first anti-racist foundation. Through its programmes and its activities it supports the anti-racist movement providing structural support to the European Network Against Racism (ENAR aisbl) and its grassroots membership situated across Europe. It rallies financial and human resources in service of the cause of equality, non-discrimination, and equity for racialised communities and individuals in Europe and beyond.

With the successful completion of the rebranding of ENAR Foundation’s mother organisation, the ENAR Foundation Board has approved an ambitious rebranding exercise for ENAR Foundation itself to modernise the brand identity of ENAR Foundation, strengthen its positioning to prospective donors, and better communicate its vision, mission, and activities to a broad set of audiences.

ENAR Foundation therefore seeks to appoint a service provider, with the necessary expertise in branding, marketing, and website development to develop a new brand identity and provide the necessary templates for its effective implementation and develop and deploy a new website that can be managed by its staff and service the current as well as future needs of the organisation. The provider will be retained with a maintenance contract.


The service provider should assist ENAR Foundation to achieve a better positioning and increase in donor interest and increase the numbers of financial contributions by:

  • Conducting a review of the existing ENAR Foundation branding (see Home - ENAR Foundation) and its relationship with new branding identity of ENAR aisbl (see Home - European Network Against Racism (
  • Supporting ENAR Foundation Board, Staff, and Inter-Service Working Group to develop a new brand identity that reflects its identity, and exudes professionalism and integrity
  • Developing, designing, and deploying a new brand identity for ENAR Foundation
  • Developing, designing, and deploying of a new website based on a flexible CMS infrastructure
  • Training the ENAR Foundation Staff to ensure effective use of all provided branding kit materials and the website infrastructure developed.


The service provider is expected to deliver the following outputs during the project period:

-  A Work plan for the project itself:
A work plan outlining the tasks and timeline that will be agreed with ENAR Foundation at the inception of the project. The work plan is a fundamental part of the agreement.

-  A report analysing ENAR Foundation branding and relation to ENAR aisbl’s primary brand identity
A report of the provider’s findings from the review and recommendations of best way forward.

-  Branding identity and brand guidelines:
Design of new ENAR Foundation logo, and brand guidelines and rules that can be provided to designers, marketing, and communications professionals for implementation in future projects

-  Branding Kit:
Design of a branding kit which includes designs for logos, stationery, PowerPoint decks, templates for internal and external reports and publications, templates for social media communications (with a focus on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook), letterheads, and other materials permitting a consistent application of brand guidelines by ENAR Foundation.

-  Website:
Design, implementation, and subsequent maintenance of a new website capable of catering to the corporate communication needs, but also flexible enough to enable the easy deployment of subsequent event, project and programme websites based upon it. The service provider will also be tasked with maintenance of the website and ensuring the platform and all plug-ins are up to date to prevent any security breaches.

The website should be a content-management system that should at minimum include the following features and aspects:

  • is open-source, and benefits from a living support community;
  • enables cloning with relative ease for use on subsequent project sites;
  • offers an easy-to-use user-interface for end-users unfamiliar with basic HTML,
  • can display easily multimedia content (video, text, sound), and enable dynamic organisation of published content;
  • work seamlessly with a payment gateway through plug-ins for the collection of donations from various cards,
  • capable of enabling areas featuring directory listings (ideally user-contributed) of partners and participating organisations within projects;
  • supports multiple users for creating, contributing, editing, organising;
  • supports the creation of registration forms for events, newsletters, project funding, etc.
  • enables content to be in draft, published, invisible modes;


The project is to be performed over the summer periods of 2022 with the branding kit and website delivered by end September 2022. Any travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs required for potential face-to-face project meetings will be covered by ENAR Foundation.


Interested service providers with proven relevant experience can submit their applications by email to by Thursday, 30 June 2022, midnight CET. Queries about the project or the application process can be sent by email to the same email address.

A full application will include:

  • The service provider’s essential organisational details, mentioning qualifications and experience. Past experiences with the Civil Society Sector are welcome.
  • A technical offer detailing the service provider’s proposed methodology and platforms, and
  • A financial offer detailing the costs requested by the service provider, including VAT.
  • A letter of recommendation of two previous professional contacts or their contact details

Note: Due to the funding regulations applicable for this project, only service providers who are officially registered in the EU can apply.

ENAR Foundation strives for an ethnic and gender balance in its staff and to ensure that opportunities offered are accessible to all regardless of gender, age, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation.

ENAR Foundation encourages individuals or members of groups which are affected by racism and related discrimination to apply for this post.


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